The Power of Working Together

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Cooperative Energy

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Electric Cooperative

Together, we’re providing safe, reliable energy from the Delta to the Coast. As 12 electric cooperatives working together, we have more power to do good for our members and communities.

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Where does your electricity come from?

Cooperative Energy generates and transmits electricity to 11 Member-owned Cooperatives, including the local cooperative that powers your home. Here’s the journey from generator to meter.

Power Plant

Power Plant

transmission lines

Transmission Lines



Distribution Lines

Distribution Lines

Your Home or Business

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Cooperative Energy.

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Electrical safety

Because the dangers aren’t always obvious, stay alert and stay clear of power lines.

Be aware. Everywhere.

Solar Energy

Solar energy

The sun shines on Mississippi. So let’s use it to power Mississippi.

Cool. Check it out.

Member Benefits

Member benefits

Explore what it means to be a member of a local, not-for-profit electric cooperative.

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Together, we have more power to protect what matters most.

Let’s Look Together.