The Sun Shines on Mississippi

Solar energy is coming to your electric cooperative.

Our members asked for solar power. Now Cooperative Energy and its 11 electric cooperatives are working together to bring solar to you. It’s just one way we help keep the environment clean where we work, live and play. Because we all call this place home.

Read on to explore the benefits of adding solar to your energy mix.

Watch how your electric cooperative is shining on.

Committed to alternative energy so the future is bright.

green-iconsClean & green

Solar power is a leading form of environmentally friendly energy. Panels are used to collect sunlight, which is then converted into electricity.

green-iconsFive solar sites

We have five small-scale solar facilities up and running at Coahoma, Coast, Delta, Southern Pine and Singing River electric power cooperatives. Each installation is 100 kilowatts or less.

Click here to see solar construction photographs.

green-iconsMixing in solar

A diverse energy portfolio helps balance any significant cost increase of a single fuel source. Ours includes natural gas, coal, nuclear and hydropower, another alternative energy source. Adding solar is an example of our commitment to making renewable energy a larger part of our generation mix.

green-iconsCatching more sun

Starting with small solar facilities across the state will allow us to determine the best location, technology and proper configuration for a future larger utility-scale facility. We’re making certain that any investments are sound, economical and successful for our members.

Cooperative Energy Member Systems

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